Just Catering began as a family run organization catering private events for mostly family and friends. The founders, Ada and Silvio Manza, then expanded their operation and decided to try their hand and opening up a delicatessen in a busy mall located at Yonge and Steeles Ave. in Toronto known as “Bloom’s Deli”.

Their entrepreneurial spirit and genuine love of preparing fresh wholesome foods lead the way in 1985 to approach the York Catholic School Board and in the process they completed a successful tender for their first school cafeteria, St. Elizabeth School of the Arts in Thornhill.

Today, over 3 decades later and still family owned and operated, the Company has grown exponentially and today prepares wholesome foods for over 40,000 students a day in multiple sites across multiple school boards.

Just Catering’s cafeterias are anything but the institutional image that may come to mind when thinking of a school cafeteria. Our sites are colourful, inviting and are more like going into your local bakery with an amazing hot table!

Our belief has always been to “serve good food fast” rather than be “good at serving fast food".

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owner & director

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owner & director

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Stella and Julia Manza

Both co-directors have similar backgrounds.
First completing their Bachelor of Arts degree and then completing their Bachelor of Education degrees convinced that they would retire as elementary school teachers, but in 1994 they were faced with a family dilemma.

Their parents had a small but successful catering company and in 1994 their mom was faced with trying to run the business on her own.

Stella ironically was already on a maternity leave from the school she was teaching at and so both girls decided that they would take some time and help out their mom.

Although this was supposed to be a “temporary “plan of action they found themselves firmly entrenched and loving it. After all they were still around young children and adults but instead of sharing curriculum they were now feeding them good wholesome food!

Together they joined forces and have grown the small family business from 1 site to multiple successful sites. Their shared desire and passion for listening/ delivering and exceeding their customer’s expectations is the backbone of their success.

When they aren’t calling the shots in the office or visiting their many sites and actually putting on an apron and serving their clients, they enjoy precious time with their other loves.

Stella enjoys spending quality time with her adoring husband and three artistic children while Julie’s time is also divided between her husband and son. Both have similar interests of shopping, frequenting the newest eateries in an around town and travelling together as a family unit with their parents. They are always looking to travel to their “next” destination as creating memories as a complete family unit is of paramount importance.